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We offer a wide range of services for businesses many of which can be offered either on or off the customers site.


On site support

Providing support at the customers premises for all aspects of IT systems support. Whether it be an emergency where certain equipment or facilities have failed or maybe a regular visit to manage the running of your servers, network, workstations and other IT hardware. Software services can also be provided onsite to such problems as virus attacks, critical update management, software configuration of both workstations and servers. Network repairs and additional wiring can also be handled on site. Regular maintenance onsite limits unexpected and business damaging equipment failures. Many of our clients work 24 hours. To best support our clients, we always have engineers available for On-site support for our business clients on a 24 hour basis.


Off site Support

Remote administration of network servers, workstations, users, privileges and backups along with many other software or configuration changes. Remote management can also be scheduled for out of hours administration to keep business interruption to a minimum. Backups, restore and organisation of company data can also be managed off site.


Server support

We support servers for many business clients. Our team of experienced network systems engineers are fluent with the full range of Windows servers and small business servers whether it be a single server for the organisation or multiple servers to take care of specific duties. We fully understand the requirement for systems stability and resilience whether it be power supplies, diverse network feeds or systems backups.


Internet based connectivity

We have a wide selection of internet based connectivity technologies tailored to a clients requirements. These provide 'Virtual private networking', remote client connectivity to the business site or the more traditional internet connectivity for the business. All our connections are business grade, uncontended feeds available as fibre, DSL, leased line, EFM or wireless connectivity. We understand the importance of continuous connectivity and for this reason we offer diverse feeds to limit the event of possible downtime to a minimum. 


Web Hosting and Co-location

Our internet connected servers provide web hosting, FTP and email hosting for our clients. Our systems are manage by our engineers to ensure they are always fully updated to eliminate malicious attacks and other compromises. Clients domains are automatically renewed as required. We have both Windows and Linux/Unix hosting servers to suit all web based programming languages.



Many businesses have no real form of backup for their business critical data. In the event of any disaster such as theft, equipment failure or simple accidental deletion, nobody wants to be faced with a loss of data. This is so easy to avoid. Backup systems can be implemented for both on-site and off-site processing and are monitored by ourselves to ensure all is not lost should a disaster occur.


Systems monitoring

Our in-house systems are able to monitor clients uptime, service availability and processes such as free memory, backups and available disk space just to name a few. If tolerances are exceeded our systems engineers are notified so issues can be resolved before problems are encountered.


Repair Services

Equipment repairs to clients equipment can be repaired on-site where possible. Anything not repairable on a clients site can always be returned to our workshops for service or repair. We have many years experience with equipment repair with complete electronic service facilities.



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